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Monday, February 20, 2006

Godey's Lady's Book Headdress

Ok, I got the headdress done right before the ball. It didn't help that my girls swiped the second skein of pearl cotton and I found it right before we left. But I was pleased with the finished product. Here it is with the hairpiece I bought.

Here is the original pattern as it appeared in Godey's:

Fig. 1. Crochet Headdress.— This pretty little coiffure is suitable for morning wear, and is extremely easy to make. It is composed of purse silk, and trimmed with a coronet of bows and ends of black velvet. The back is made in the following manner:—

Make a chain of 60 stitches, and work a square of treble crochet, putting 2 chain between each treble. Then, for the top of the headdress, crochet on two sides of the square, 7 chain, and loop into every other treble. Repeat this for five rows, and mount this portion of the net on a pointed, wire. Ornament it with bows and ends of velvet, tastefully arranged, and finish off the back by lengths of silk looped in to form a fringe. About eight lengths of silk are required for one loop of fringe.

This might be converted into an evening headdress by making the foundation in some bright-colored silk, or gold twist, and ornamenting the front with small white ostrich feathers.

Here are the amended directions for the headdress I made. These haven't been tested, so let me know if you don't understand or if I need to make any adjustments. Thanks!


  • 2 skeins Brown (#801) Pearl Cotton
  • Size 6 Steel Hook

Row 1: Chain (Ch) 47. Treble crochet (Tr) in 7th chain from hook, Ch 2, *skip 2 Ch, Tr in next Ch, Ch 2,* repeat from * to * across. Turn. (14 Tr squares)

Row 2: Ch 6 (counts as Tr, Ch 2), *Tr in top of next Tr, Ch 2* across to last turning chain, Tr in 4th Ch of turning Ch. Turn. (14 Tr squares)

Rows 3 - 14: Repeat Row 2.

At the end of Row 14, instead of turning work to go back you will continue down the edge of your work.

Edging Row 1: Ch 7, skip 1st square and SC in next square, *ch 7, skip one square and sc in next square* across to corner. Ch 7, sc in next square around corner (do not skip a square), *ch 7, skip one square and sc in next square* across. Turn. (14 ch 7 loops)

Row 2: Ch 7, sc in top of ch 7 loop, *ch 7, sc in top of next ch 7 loop* across. (14 ch 7 loops)

Rows 3 - 5: Repeat Row 2.

End off.

Fringe: You can make the fringe using the pearl cotton, or you can use premade beaded fringe like I did. Work the frindge along the free sides of the initial tr square that you made. I attempted to work the beaded fringe in while I worked the square but it was very confusing. It may be easier to weave the ribbon through after you've made the square. And it would probably be easier yet to simply make fringe from the pearl cotton and tie it on.

Add ribbons and/or flowers to the top and attach to combs or a headband if you like, or simply pin into place with hair pins. I stitched mine to a comb-type headband because I have no hair (lol) and the beads were heavy.


Crafty Mom said...

Hi Heather ,
This is just a gorgeous headdress! I love your other civil war items too. You do lovely work. Silvia

kristinsdottir said...

Thanks for the pointer, Heather. I really like it. Nice work!

I am trying wearing mine under a snood -- kinda filling out the snood, etc ...