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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reclaiming Yarn

I thought I'd share some pics of some of the yarn I've recently reclaimed and the sweaters I have to frog. I've been stocking up on sweaters. With the onset of warm weather they are on sale at my local Goodwill for $1. Most of the yarn I've gotten is either 100% wool or 100% cotton. Several are 100% cashmere. Let's face it, I could never even buy one skein of cashmere for a buck, let alone enough to make a whole sweater!

A few are acrylic or partially acrylic, which I wouldn't normally bother with, but I just liked the color or there was something special about the yarn. I fell in love with the autumn colors in this boucle yarn. Any ideas what it wants to be?

This green sweater has a silver strand running through it, and ok, I admit it, I just like purple. *Grin*

If you're interested in trying your hand at yarn recycling, here's a great tutorial:

Happy Frogging!

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