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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Great Food For All and a WWII Arsenal

I just found out about a new food program, called Great Food For All. It is similar to Angel Food Ministries, where you order your box of food ahead of time, at a greatly reduced price, and then pick it up on a specified day at a nearby location, usually a participating church.

Here's a look at what the $30 box looks like for January.

5 lbs chicken breasts
4 lbs ham
1.5 lbs battered fish
2 lb beef chili
20 oz beans & franks or 14 oz beef mac & cheese
2 lb broccoli with cheese sauce
2.5 lbs onion rings
5 lbs niblet corn with peppers
dinner rolls

They also have an Empty Nester Box, a Kid's Box, a Breakfast Box, a Super Bowl Box, a Pasta Box, a Cheesecake Box and Chicken Cordon Bleu.

When you check out their website, take a look at the weather in the upper right-hand corner. Great Food For All is headquartered in the town (Newton Falls) just to the east of where I live (Ravenna.) You'll see why the area between us was chosen for an ammunition arsenal during WWII. It is one of the cloudiest places in the United States! :( (It was least likely to be bombed.)

The Ravenna Arsenal employed more than 14,000 from 1942-1945. During that time it "produced more weapons for the war effort than any other plant in the United States." After WWII they continued to store munitions there, and produced them again during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Then work began disarming the ammunition. Now we are left with over 1400 acres of land that are "deemed environmentally contaminated." Ahhh, progress.

And yes, it is VERY cloudy today! lol

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Nancy M. said...

That is so great that y'all have that in your area. The food sounds pretty good.