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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Book NOT to Read!

Wow, I recently got an email about this book: Conversations with God. It sounds innocent enough, but it is definitely NOT a Christian book. I'm not as worried about this book as I am the related book, Conversations with God for Teens. You can find more about this book by checking on Amazon, but believe me, it's not worth your time.

Here are some quotes from the book I was able to get off Amazon:

"....Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. " I've been seeking and knocking for 35 years. You'll pardon me if I'm a little bored with that line.
So all it takes is "Christ Consciousness" to perform miracles! Well, that should make things simple... Actually, it does. More simple than you think. And many have achieved such consciousness. Many have been Christed, not just Jesus of Nazareth. You can be Christed, too.

He also promotes a one-world government. Yikes!

His book for teens says:

God does not make judgements. "Well, the human race has been thinking that for a long time, but it's not true. It's one of those misunderstandings I've been talking about. It's an illusion. The illusion of judgement. Followed by the illusion of condemnation. It has been written: Judge not, and neither condemn.

You mean, you really do not judge? You forgive everyone, no matter what the sin?
I do not forgive anyone. That is the first thing you must understand about me. I will not forgive you, ever, for anything that you do. Once you are clear about this, you will have a new understanding of God, and you will be able to interact with me in a whole different way........

But you need us to obey you , right? There is nothing I need from you, therefore, nothing I am asking of you, therefore, nothing for you to obey. Do you think I am up here making up rules for you to follow, regulations for you to adhere to? You are making those up.

But what if I do bad things to others.....? Yet you do not need to seek that forgiveness from me. I have not found you as having done something wrong to me, so I have no reason to forgive you.

These are just some of the things I was able to get off Amazon. The email that is circulating says that the book also tells a lesbian that she is that way because God made her that way and she should go out and celebrate her differences. And tells a couple who are living together that they do not need to get married because they are not sinning against God and have done nothing wrong.

I think the worst part about this book is that the title leads one to believe it is a Christian book. Don't believe it.


Nancy M. said...

Thanks for letting me know about these books. I had heard of them, but didn't know what they contained. I will definitely not read or let my child read them.

miss mary said...

wow that is unbelievable . Most people are going to think this is a really good book especially for their kids. What a mockery this is. Thanks for posting this for everyone to be aware of. God Bless and Hugs